Publishing a book can be a time-consuming, intimidating process and that's why we are here to help. Below are a few steps to get started working with Conscious Kids Network to share your book with the world!


How to Get Started Working With Us to Publish Your Book


  1. Set up a 30 min. “Get to Know You” conference call with us

  2. Set up a Strategy Session* that includes your draft manuscript review. (We recommend allowing 2-3 hours)

  3. Provide a publishing service proposal 

  4. Upon approval of the proposal, we get started on your selected project services to get published! **

What is a Strategy Session?


After our initial “Get to Know You” meeting, we recommend a "Strategy Session" as a deeper dive to discuss where you want to go based on the information you provided and address any questions you want about the process. From there, we can provide a detailed proposal and suggestions on how your goals can be executed. 


In our "Strategy Session" we will help you with the following:


  • Get clear on the "purpose" of your project and ensure your manuscript is appropriate for your intended audience.

  • Make recommendations on best use of your resources

  • Explore ways to align your project with your target audience

  • Help you build a plan based on your resources for the production of your book. (If you choose to work with us, we provide publishing services such as editing, illustration/layout, project management, registration, etc.)​

*   Strategy Sessions are a fee-based consultation.

** Conscious Kids Network does not provide in-house printing services. We work with trusted, selected vendors on your behalf for an additional cost.

Jean Bell, Co-Founder of CKN and Author of "Brookie's Adventure"